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My name is Anita Szegedi. My artistic name is Sunayna, it comes from the Indian word which means: "Beautiful eyes".


I've been practicing bellydance since 2003, and besides that, I've been dancing jazz ballet and showdance at Grapevine dance school: step, jazz, ballet, show, character dances and classical balett since I was 5. I've been teaching oriental dance for 3 years. I take the bellydance classes in the Grapevine Dance School, Kecskemet.

2008 of his Julies as Balla Tünde Aziza pupil oriental dance I studied as an instructor in order to develop my knowledge, my abilities and let me be able to impart my knowledge to my pupils more efficiently on this space. 2009 of his Januaries excellently suited I passed the tutorial exam with a result. (To the adult training with a necessary magisterial permit: 01-0014-07 and FAT with accreditation: PL 2597 take action. Competences: oriental folklore and show-bellydance-teaching.)


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My repertoire contains traditional (raqs sharki), modern (candles, veils, wings, sword) and tribal (tribal fusion) bellydance, as well as Indian (bollywood) dance.


Solo, duo, and group performances can be booked for various events.






-Bucka Hotel, Bugac

-Bolyai Janos Grammar School, Kecskemet

-Angolkisasszonyok Grammar School and  Vocational Secondary School, Kecskemet

-Katona Jozsef Grammar School, Kecskemet

- Reformed boarding house, Kecskemet

- OBI, Kecskemet

- Erdei Ferenc Community Centre, Kecskemet

- Hotel Aero, Jakabszallas

- Hollo Nuptial és Guesthouse, Katonatelep

- Granada Wellness Hotel, Kecskemet

- Gerebi mansion, Lajosmizse

- Hunyadiváros Days, Kecskemet

- Sport Hotel, Kecskemet

- Beledi Night, Budapest

- Tanyacsarda, Lajosmizse

- II. Csaba Center Bellydance Festival of Bekescsaba, Bekescsaba

- Hírös Week Festival 2008, Kecskemet

- Nyerges Hotel, Monor

- Bellydance Festival, Mezokovesd

- II. Oriental Nations Festival, Egerag

- Flash beach, Kecskemet

- II. Kecskemet Amateur Arts Festival

- Bajor Pub and Restaurant, Kecskemet

- II. Grapevine Showdance Gala of Kecskemet

- Riadh Palms Hotel, Tunisia

- Malom Center, Kecskemet

- Tour in Germany: Das Phantom der Oper

- Szentkiralyi Mineral Water Show

- Ordas and Gederlak regional half-an-hour dance-show

- Budapest, Palace of Arts

- Egyek - Rural festival

- I. Bellydance competition and Gala of Szentes

- Sasfeszek Restaurant and Programhouse

- Harom Gunar Programhouse

- Phoenix Mecano, Kecskemet

- Main Square, Kecskemet

- Goulash Cooking Festival, Kecskemet

- Tour in Turkey, Tekirdag

- Teleki Castle, Solt

- Miss Tőserdő (beauty contest), Lakitelek





-XVIII. Országos Felnőtt Táncművészeti Fesztivál: I. helyezett karakter táncban (bollywood-i)



- Bellydancer of  the Web - category winner: drum solo duo (with Kahena) and bollywood duo (with Kahena)

- Lulu wa Almaz - Pearl and Diamond: Bellydance costume designer competition (II. place)

- I. Eli Shanti Bellydance Festival, Mezőkövesd (Public award: I. place)



- Ras El Sena nationwide bellydance competition II. place

- I. Territorial Qualifier Individual Bellydance contest: II. class qualification and extra award

- I. Bellydance competition of Szentes: 2. place in duo



Seperate nights:

- Daughters of the East Bellydance Night (2008)

- Mixed show (Grapevine)

- Irish-night (Grapevine)

- King of Savannah dance-show in several country locations (Grapevine)

- Black and White (2002) (Grapevine)

- 10 years old jubilee program (Grapevine)



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