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Online Bellydance contest 2008 - Bellydancer of the Web online bellydance contest for 2008






Kahena lányai bellydance group - Anett Kecskeméti "Kahena" oriental dance instructor and performer's website


Balla Tünde Aziza - Tünde Balla "Aziza" oriental dance instructor and performer's website


Grapevine Dance Club - Dance School and Dance Club leaded by Ildikó Huszár in Kecskemét


Sunayna gportal - My dance classes



Ideas for bellydance costumes:



Eman Zaki - Fashion and costume designer


Isis Imports - Costumes, gallabia, saari, jewelry...


Isis Exchange - Costumes, hip scarves, isis wings...


Topkapi Designs - Costumes, accessories


Cini Szeráj - Costumes, accessories


Taylor-dance accessories - Elastic materials, sequins, stones, fringes, dance shoes, ballett shoes


Azyris- Belly dance online shop



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